About African Adornments

Image of CEO with a customer at a market

Samia (pictured above on the left with a customer) was born in Cairo, Egypt and spent parts of her life between Egypt and the United States. When visiting back and forth, she would always buy accessories from Egypt and would be asked by friends in America, where she got them from. They were very intrigued by the beautiful unique pieces she would be wearing. Samia is very passionate about her culture and that of the African Diaspora. Her vision one day was to create a space of learning and empowerment for women. As a result, African Adornments was born.

African Adornments was created as a way to empower women in Africa through entrepreneurship while connecting people around the world with beautiful handmade pieces. We offer an array of unique waistbeads made by women in Ghana and Nigeria, along with various African inspired accessories. We envision to one day have a partnership with artisans from every country in Africa to bring to you a selection of handcrafted pieces representative of the diverse African diaspora.