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Khamsa (Hand of Fatima) Necklace

Khamsa (Hand of Fatima) Necklace

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In many cultures around the world, including North Africa and the Middle East, the "Khamsa" (meaning five as in all five fingers on a hand) is a symbol of protection from the evil eye or bad luck. Also known as the hand of Fatima, many individuals use this symbol to decorate their homes or adorn their bodies. It is a popular symbol seen in many cultures. Some cultures would stick out their hand in front of others as a way to ward off the "evil eye" when someone says something that may come off as envious.

Made out of 18K gold or silver plated zinc alloy with imitation pearl. The stone is made out of Zircon, a source of zirconium metal. Nickel free and lead free material.

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